People who have done 'no contact' with ex, when did it get easier?

i cut off contact with my ex who I was with for many years, but the past year had been on and off. we've never had no contact. I want to be back together and stay together, so I want to do it right, but its getting harder when I thought it would get easier. the first week was not so bad, but I'm in the second week and it just sucks. he text messaged me about a week ago saying he hopes I'm doing okay...i said I was good and haven't heard from him since. does anybody have any experience with the no contact thing? when did it get easier for you? when did you contact the person again? I've always heard a month after, but I don't know if I should be the one to contact him at that point if he hasn't tried to contact me again... I don't want to bug him.


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  • DO the exact same thing that he did. Text him the exact same question to him. If I was him and you did that I'd think you try to reciprocate what I did. If I did that because I missed you then I'd think you might feel the same and it'd give me hope to rekindle things. If I did that just to be nice then I'd think you do that to be nice too.

    Either way it's a positive thing. If he wants to rekindle he'll probably go to a greater extenet to hear from you after that.


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