Make Up or Break Up?!

So my boyfriend of 4 months and I are on a 'break'.

We started dating just before summer, but he broke his ankle at the beginning of summer so we couldn't do much ALL summer and it got kinda frustrating. It may or may not be the reason we fight ALL the time. And it's about stuff that doesn't even matter.. We both always just have to be right. I'm very stubborn and so is he, but I never argue like this with anyone else. I just feel like I have to prove myself to him all the time. But it's barely fun anymore and we're not really each others' 'type' BUUUT he's a great guy, he's so generous and thoughtful and stuff. I used to find him attractive, now I kinda don't... I don't even enjoying kissing him anymore, and believe me I LOOOVE making out. But it's just no feeling when we do. He's a great guy and I hate breaking his heart but he's so inexperienced and it drives me crazy. He's really good at school but stupid when it comes to common sense. Like he says offense things without realizing it and I hate it. I'm used to dating more mature guys, a few years older but the magic's just gone. I wish it were back to the begining of our relationship, but now he's just annoying and he's So inlove with me, and I don't mean to sound like I'm bragging- I hate it. It scares me how he plans our future and stuff when we're so young! I don't know what to do anymore; it used to be perfect..


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  • your right you have a life ahead of you! live in the moment! your young you can date guys like crazy. when you graduate high school, then the guys your age should be mature (or getting there) and it will be easier to find MR. right


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