What do I do? Act or let go?

I've liked this girls since last year (we're both seniors now) but I didn't ask her out then because my ex was her best friend, and she (my ex) wasn't completely all right for a couple of months. Not wanting to cause any problems between them I let it be. Bad news was that by the time my ex calmed down enough it was summer break. So now coming back into school, I thought I'd start where I dropped off, but she was more distanst to me. After 2-3 weeks I got back to the point we where at, but then I got transferred schools. The real problem though is that like 2 days before I transferred, we took the bus and I introduced her to one of my friends. Funny thing, he started liking her to. She seems happy with him, and he can see her everyday and lives pretty much down the street from her, unlike me. so my question is, should I try to see if she might still like me, or should I let my friend "take a shot" at her?


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  • Hm, sorry, but I think you don't really have a big chance. I mean, girls are very loyal to each other. I'd never ever date a guy that dumped a friend of mine, especially not if she was so upset about it for such a long time. + She seems to like your friend. That says enough, don't you think? She likes him and their relationship would be so much easier, because they're in the same school, so they an see each other often. I'm sorry but I really think you have no chance.


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