My dad is cheating on my mom...:(

My mom found out and my dad is not here,he's in Africa and my mom just found out that he is cheating on hur and she knows...they have talked abt it and he denied it and even tho she knows he is cheating she still talking to him and I knw deep down she knows he is still cheating and she is finding excuses and I'm realli angry at my dad I hate him bt I'm really upset with my mom because of her behavior I mean I don't know what to do it's killing me and my dad is coming in few months and I don't think I can resist him,I want to move out but I don't know how...


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  • First off is your mom financially independadnt? Meaning does your dad pay all or most of her and or your living expences? Secondly have you told your mom you are upset with your dad? Maybe she doesn't want to leave him beacuse she doesn't want you to be with separate parents..A lot of women put up with thier mans bullcrap because of the kids.If you want your mom to leave him,tell her you won't be upset if she does.The only other thing I could guess as to why she is willing to put up with it is either religious reasons or she feels like no one else will want her.

    • My mom is the most independent woman I know I mean she even just brought a house for my dad and always sending him money and trust me if they wereto get a divide right now she will not want to be with no other man and I told her I didn't want her in this anymore if she is thinking about me but she won't listen even tho she knows he is still cheating I mean they just ha a fight yesterday and my dad told her to to call him anymore and she just did this morning mean I dint get it

    • She bought a house for him? Maybe she is smarter than you think..maybe she is gathering proof of his infidelities so when she does divorce his ass..he can't have any of her money!

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  • It's best to not take sides unless you know for sure all of the facts.

    They're your parents, they're not stupid let them sort their problems themselves. Focus on your life.

    • Simply put, and very true.

    • I'm not taking sides..I'm mad at both of them and I know he is cheating and she knows,and it's not easy to focus on my life I mean their my parents and I cnt jst let it go,it's hard

  • Tell her because you would want someone to tell you if someone you loved was cheating on you

    • I don't have to tell her she knows,she was even the one who told me about it

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  • This marriage is between your mom and dad, sweetheart. Whatever fate has in store for them, let it runs its course. Think about it, even if you do say something and your mom still wants to be with him, she will be regardless. Stress not over things that you can not control.


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