Did I step on any hope for us in the future?

My now ex boyfriend and I met a year ago, he had a girlfriend. 5 months later they broke up and two months afterward he asked me out. At first I told him no but eventually said yes. He was my first boyfriend and two months into our relationship I fell in love with him. A month later he told me he loved me. 7 months later we made love. I still live at home and come from a strict family so I was not allowed to see him as I wanted so the needed time to get to know each other was a little hard. Two months after my family started getting down on me in regards to our relationship so he said to avoid problems we should lay low. Then that's when he started to distance himself and apparently from a source I found out he actually broke up with me due to a friend that came back in his life. (I asked him about it and till this day he said it had nothing todo with the girl and they were not together in anyway.) Two months after we broke up he contacted me and said right now he didn't want to be in a relationship but he wanted me still in his life. We did have sex we broke up but then I decided not to continue due to personal reasons. He would get jealous ever time he found out I was talking to guy even though their were friends. And since we worked together he knew. He does not like to argue so when Two months later a friend at work came and told me he tried to ask this girl out on my account. I got mad at him and he shut down and said to keep his peace of mind we shouldn't talk anymore and unfriend me from Facebook. I got upset because all the things we been through I never stopped talking to him. 15 days later he text me saying hi and then said we should keep our communication simple and casual for now. He would come to me at work and say hi and thing but that was it. Three days later I text him and that was it then two days later I text but he has not called me once. The last time I saw him he came up to me and rubbed my back and asked how was my diet and offered me chicken but nothing since. I decided to not call or text him but I miss him so much and want to know if I messed up. Because throughout our whole relationship I admit I did listen to my girls lot.


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  • Nothing here is your fault.

    It's normal to feel like you're missing him..you need to move on.

    This guy has already started to do so a long time ago and now it seems to me like he's just playing ou...whatever his reasons are, it sounds really selfish to me.

    He's absolutely not considerating your feelings.

  • Honestly no. There's to much drama going on here and you guys work together. From what I'm reading, I don't think that things will work or if it did, it wouldn't last night.


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