Should guys feel comfortable or uncomfortable letting their girlfriends go to night clubs without them?

My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for 4 years. He is not cool with me going to night clubs without him. I don't even want to go every weekend, just sometimes. I want my boyfriend to come with me but most of the time he is too busy to go, or sometimes there is a girls night that I will get invited to. Sometimes I just suck it up but then there are times where I get so frustrated because I am in my early twenties and I want to go out and have fun before I get older and can't go out clubbing anymore. I know for a fact that if this continues I will be fulled with regret and resentment towards my boyfriend later on in the future and we will probably fight because of it. He says he trusts me and he said its not a jealousy issue because he thinks highly of himself, he just thinks its inapropriate because he feels that clubs are mean't for single people to hook up. What do you guys think?


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  • Should guys feel comfortable or uncomfortable letting their girlfriends go to night clubs without them? Yes

    What do you guys think? Guys who claim to be uncomfortable usually are jealous, controlling or have confidence, self esteem, self worth, or insecurity issues.


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  • well what will you do if a guy comes and grinds all over you?


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  • they can't LET them or FORBID you. you're not a poodle.

    • True, BUT, if I were to go without him being okay with it, I would be disrespecting his feelings and I would feel so guilty the whole night I wouldn't be able to have fun.

    • Feelings are personal. Each person is different. Can't get a consensus on what feelings are acceptable. His feelings are unique to him-& to you- as you are with him, and care for him.

      Q is not SHOULD he be uncomfortable. the Q is since he IS uncomfortable & clubbing is important to you--what is the solution that help BOTH of you.

      not doing what you would do ordinarily then you are compromising your feeling-so he doesn't have to compromise HIS.

      you need to find a middle ground between BOTH of you.

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