Ex gave me a kiss on the cheek?

I went out with someone 4 years ago and we haven't gone put since. We flirted with each other all summer but his best friend told me he's just playing and that I should just forget about him Because he doesn't like me back. So today we both realized we were both going to NY at the same time so we decided to go together and share a room so the price wouldn't be so expensive and we would have more spending money (my ex was the one who suggested the idea) then today we hung out and talked for awhile in my car when I was dropping him off home when I got a call from my mom saying I couldn't go to ny. He saw me got mad and he thought I was crying so after we finished talking about how mad I was at my mom he tf me he wouldn't go to NY if I didn't go. I asked why and he said because he wouldn't have enough money to spend (we each have $1200 each an $500 is for the roundtrip ticket each and hotels are expensive there) so he told me he really wanted me to go. I told him I'd try and we talked more and joked around in the car then I told him I has to go so I told him to get out of my car so I could leave and he have me a hug and then kissed me on the cheek. I freaked out Because I told my friends Id stop him if he ever tried to kiss me so I pushed him away and when he tried to explain himself I drove off. Then he texted me and told me that in his culture a kiss on the cheek means that he cares for me (he's Mexican) and he told me specifically that he wasn't flirting. And I asked why he did that and he said because he saw me cry and he thought it would cheer me up. He knows I like him but I feel like he uses that to get me to do what he wants :/ what do you think?

Is he flirting or is he just being friends?

Oh forgot to mention his best friend is my cousin and that's why we ended up going to NY together. Me as my cousin are really close but so is my ex and my cousin. And me and my ex both didn't reserve a hotel room or a plane ticket that's why we had to buy our own hotel rooms until he mentioned the idea of just getting one room


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  • For one he's Mexican so.. Id stay away from him.. But that's beside the point... It seems like he cares about you as a friend but he could have different intentions. For example sharing a room together... = he wants to f*** you imo. If I broke up with someone I take them out of my life and don't let them back in so. Personally I wouldn't talk to him any more and look for someone else. The Mexican part was a joke to :) GL

  • Ah well he wants to stay friends since your both close to your cousin, so I still would look for another guy and just keep Ur ex a friend or only hangout with your cousin when your ex isn't there.


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