Would you call or let it be?

if you can not physically be in contact much with the other person. if you two used to get along so well. if you chose to "date" someone else and not him and he's slightly bitter about it. if he feels insecure about you saying you love him.

i said stupid things. I called him but only got his voice mail and since 4 weeks ago I didn't call back. he said 'when you're ready, call me' I'm fine with seeking closure by myself but I feel like he's being a jerk all of a sudden. and of course I'm hurt, someone I'm crazy in love with is ignoring me. call or let it be?


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  • It all depends if you are going to let it bother you and if you are going to think about it aolt. If you feel it's not going to bother you then don't call. But if you are going to think about it a lot hten call to get some satisfaction.


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