How do I get over my ex bf?

We broke up for about 2 months ago, I know he is not coming back. I try to keep myself buys and not think of him. But nothing seems to work, I even think he has a new girlfriend I should be angry but all I feel is emptyness and sorrow. How do I get over him? Advice needed badly.


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  • go to a person who you can trust

    keep year head on there shoulder and tell em everything tht you feel then cry till year tears dry out

    then go to a washroom or year dressing room where you have a full sized mirror look at year reflextion and ask yrslf are you really ugly or was it his eyes which failed to see the beauty ... and trust me you are beautiful just don't compare yrslf to some1 else

    then take a paper write year personality pros on it and then post em at gag in a question for guys if they would like a girl with em and m sure tons of em would want too be year lifepartner

    after tht you are morale would be high enuf to understand tht the one who left you was a fool and its awl his loss while you can be with some1 worth a million times better


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  • Ok ... Go on a date with me ;)))

    Don't be alone and go to your best friend and talk, cry, huge till you clam

    Then go to open place without too many people maybe your home rooftop and scream as hard as you can

    Delete , remove , throughout all things connecting to him

    And let sometime pass

    It will be hard in beginning but you will get over it


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  • you just have to give it time. there's really no other cure. as more time passes, the easier it will get

  • The key is to keep yourself as busy as possible so that you spend less time thinking about him. Obviously, you're still going to think about him, as it is difficult to forget anyone that you were close with. However, you'll find that the more occupied you are with other things, the less empty you'll feel because you'll have more to look forward to in life. Get out and join activity circles (i.e. humanitarian causes or sports/music groups), hang out with friends and not only just hang out but do active things (i.e. playing a game that enables your full concentration so that you don't think about your ex in the process).


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