Ex sends friend request on Facebook?

So, me and my ex broke up about a year ago. We had an amazing relationship while it lasted, he meant everything to me, I lost my virginity to him, but then his problems with drugs seemed to slowly separate us. It ended somewhat badly, he pretty much just disappeared from my life with no word whatsoever. So I get on Facebook one night and he's requested to be my friend-does this mean anything or am I looking way too far into it? I accepted and haven't gotten any contact from him. I looked at his page and he does have a girlfriend, so I wouldn't think he wanted me back.

Just some background info: This girl he is with now, is someone he was with before I dated him , and she cheated on him a lot, they seemed to have a very unsteady relationship (I was his best friend before I was his girlfriend, so I always heard about their problems)


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  • I would say you are over looking it for sure. I would guess he just figured it had been enough time that you guys could at least know a little bit about what the other one is doing a year later.


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  • hmm he possible seeks some positive connection with you. be careful . I would be cautious about letting him into my life a second time if he has so much baggage.


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