I added my ex on Facebook and he deleted me?

Within three hours of accepting me he then deleted me. I know this because I received a notification saying he accepted it. I don't get it. Why say yes but then delete me as a friend? When we broke up, we agreed we'd stay friends and we did. But then I noticed after a month we were drifting apart (as friends). I've recently found out he was seeing someone (which I'm totally OK with btw) and he hasn't told me and I feel like he's trying to keep it from me. His friends won't even tell me. When I'm hanging out with his friends and I ask where he is they just say o he's just chilling.

I'm tempted to text him and ask if were cool (not mentioning his relationship)...What should I do?


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  • I think you should just stay out of his view. It's too much of hassle to deal with a guy becoming distance, he's doing it for a reason and you're going to go out of your way to see what's up between you two but it seems like he doesn't want to do that really. You're already getting this vibe that you and him aren't really working out (as friends). An obvious sign was him deleting you from his Facebook. Maybe he changed his mind on you and him staying friends because it's for the best. Maybe he's one of those guys that when he's in a relationship with someone and it ends-It's completely over meaning every single thing. It could be highly unlikely but a very small chance that he talked to his girlfriend about you and she didn't want to bothered by any of his past recent exes so he listened to her or he was the one that didn't want to be bothered. It might lead him into gaining feelings for you again, maybe not.

    Did you break it or did he break it? Seems to me like you broke it, am I right? If you want to text him and ask if you and him are cool it would be okay. It wouldn't really make any difference. Seems like he's become cold to you and have stayed that way. Maybe the fact that you said he was hiding about seeing someone else from you just made him become the way he is now, not sure. What you should do is just confront him about it, that will answer all your questions right then and there or just let it be. Just let things they way they are. Only you can fix of what's left in this friendship you two already have since it seems like he's the one giving barely anything to none in this friendship.


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