Been cheated on, lied to, he denies it & wants nothing to do with me now. I feel so hurt, advice please..?

I know it's long, I'm sorry. I just need help..please? :(

When I first met this guy, I'd been heartbroken over this other guy for 2 years. I even broke down in front of this new guy and he comforted me and said he'd wait for me for as long as it takes. We talked everyday for another month and I fell for him, so we started going out. He gave me my first kiss as a present for my 17th birthday. He said he loved me and he made me feel amazing.

...Two months later my friends told me that the day after we started going out, he asked out one of my friends. I confronted him, looked him in the eyes, but he denied everything without hesitation. That night we argued and he said "If you believe them, it's over! So is it me or them?" I really didn't want to lose him (even though he didn't seem to mind throwing it all away) so I said I needed time to think, so he waited.

The next night the girl he asked out revealed herself and told me about it, and I got super angry at him. He still denied everything but I angrily broke up with him. The next night I apologized a lot but he said he needed time to clear his head. A week later he said he can't do it again because he got really hurt by what I said to him and he "doesn't want to risk hurting me." (But he suggested a "break" before I got angry..) So I felt guilty. We talked on the phone and he said we can "still be friends and hug.. do you know what friends with benefits are?" I was like WOAH. We never had sex though or anything down there, I'm 17, I'm not going there for awhile! Then he tried to turn it into a joke.

Since then I found out that since we broke up he's asked out a lot of other girls, some my friends (got rejected). I texted him about it and he said "don't really care, killing myself soon anyway." I didn't know whether it was another lie of his but didn't want to risk thinking he'd lie about suicide. Silly me, I know. So I tried to convince him like crazy not to do it. The next morning on Fb he put up a status as lyrics about sex. Which is creepy. So he actually lied about suicide. Way back at the start he told me he never lies and he's been cheated on before. I see they're all lies too. And the only reason he held on after he saw how fragile I was was because he knew he had a chance. Then in the afternoon he denied asking out other girls and said "please leave me alone." And I will! Should have weeks ago.

I thought he cared. Obviously not though. I just feel so hurt beyond words. I wasted my first kiss on a lying player! He once said a girl accused him of cheating after he apparently "talked dirty" to her, but he said it wasn't him, someone hacked his account. Yeah right. I bet that was a lie too.

I'd like some reassurance or just some advice on how to get through this! He knew from the start I was already fragile. Yet he never cared, he lied, sort-of cheated, faked everything. I'm gonna have big trust issues in the future. Please help me... :(


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  • Well, I can understand why you're hurt by him. It sucks that you had this experience when you're 17 and haven't been with a lot of guys yet. Believe me, there are a lot of scumbag guys like this walking around, but there are just as many nice guys. You just have to be careful to make sure you know a little bit about the guys history before you get emotionally attached to him. I'm glad you are done with this guy, because it will get way better for you!


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