How can I get over my ex?

my ex broke up with me a week ago over the phone saying he just wants 2 b friends and that he didn't want me 2 do anything stupid like hurt myself. and not to tell anyone why he broke up with me.

we we're going out for almost a year. and he told me a few months into the relationship that he had feeling for another girl who has the same personality as me. he told me he would get over her to keep our relationship. I believed him.

since the day we broke up I can't stop thinking about him, crying at random moments, being afraid to dream and see or talk 2 him.

his best friend did a joke on me saying my ex wants to go back out with me but that wasn't true and I knew that but it sent me crazy just thinking of if. and my exes friend blamed it on my ex.

i know this doesn't make sense it just adds up as I want him back, but he already has his eyes on another girl. and that I feel like the only one that has cried.

i got a message from my ex saying do you miss me? I told him I do miss him. N he repyled with "what would you say if I started having feelings for you again" I was godsmacked. I was thinking how come you start this now almost 8 months since you broke up with me but I simple asked "did this just come up?" he replyed that he's been thinking N sorting out problems and that he found that he still has feelings 4 me. I was stunned N I said yes to go back out but I'm thinking did I do the right thing


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  • It just takes time. Going out and having fun with friends helps.


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  • As much as it sucks to hear it, it really just takes time. But give yourself time be sad. A week at the most. Then remind yourself its his loss. I made a list off all the things that annoyed me about my ex when we broke up. It really helped. Just remember there will be a better guy that comes around.

  • Try thinking about all the fun stuff you did before you met him:)


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