Have I made a fool of myself? I really like her, not sure what she feels for me now. How do I get her back?

Do you think I have messed up with this girl?

I met this gorgeous girl two weeks ago and we were texting each other until I stupidly sent a cheesy text message to her. It was 'Those gorgeous eyes, incredible body, amazing smile...but that is enough about me, tell me how are you?'. I didn't get a reply that evening so I stupidly mate up a story that my mate sent it as a joke instead. I haven't heard back from her since, it's been a week. I sent another text saying 'Hey...how are you?good week?hope you haven't setting off any more fire alarms since I saw you last?! x'...she set off the fire alarm when I went back to her place the night I went, just trying to be flirty and fun. I knew they were having a party last night, it was advertised on Facebook and my mate has been invited by her flatmate, but so far not me. I couldn't had her as a friend on Facebook because I have been blocked for adding to many people at one time. Everyone on our course was invited as I saw it on the course Facebook page. She never replied to the text I sent her though the other night. I never went to the party last night since she didn't invite me herself I thought she didn't want me there, but now I am thinking maybe she expected me to be there anyway? Please help, I really like this girl I want to talk to her in person and see what's going on between us, ask her if we can start again. What do you think I should do? I am 22 she is 24. Any help would be much appreciated.


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  • Whoopsies :/

    Haha I hope it will work out for you, but if she's probably heard that kind of thing from a (creepy) guy before... I'm sure someone has tried to flatter her this way but with bad intentions (unlike you of course!), so I'm not surprised she is avoiding you, tbh. I think the goregous eyes and amazing smile is flattering, but the incredible body may have caused trouble.

    But that's just me reading into it. It could be something else! Are you sure she isn't avoiding you for another reason?

    Now, firstly, don't worry! Because it might not be this at all! But yeah, you're right, you should definitely ask to start again! However, try not to ask on Facebook (if you've added her now) or by text, instead do it in person, and she will feel its more genuine! And do make sure your mate is aware that he "sent" that text as a practical joke,lol

    To talk to her, just smile and say hi, or if you don't want to do that, then crack a joke in front of a lot of people or give her a quick two-worded compliment e.g. nice dress (at this stage, when complimenting make it geeneral, that is don't say "I ike your dress", say "nice dress")

    If she ignores you, then she's clearly not worth your time! But otherwise, if she responds, keep trying!

    Just saying, sometimes girls don't like going out with guys younger than them, but that varies according to the girl so I may be wrong.. I suggest you get the friendship zone first, because she will already be wary of you liking her!

    Good luck! =P

    • Thanks for the reply. We had a course night out and we met in one of the bars. We got on really well and I ended up back at her place, I didn't stay the night, but she was making all the moves, she kissed me first. I really don't know what is going on between us, she was giving me the attention, that's why I am confused she has suddenly dropped interest. Can I win her back?I would like to speak to her in person ask her if we can start again, tell her jokingly that I made a mess of the whole texting business and that I really like her and want her to give me another chance. What do you think?

    • Well, if she made the first move then its likely she intially had feelings for you (or still does!)...

      I do hope you can win her back! Just be natural with her, pretend nothing ever happened! Then, once you are confident to talk to her, then tell her the truth =)

      I think its great that you are doing this! If she doesn't realize how lucky she is that you like her, then she's not worthy of your time in my opinion!

      But keep trying!

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  • you made some mistakes and I think you can only save it by playing a bit hard to get. give it some time and see if she contacts you. Stop being so silly with her until she "gets" you and your sense of humor.

  • If she's stopped talking you on the basis of a silly text, which I think is self evidently intended to be silly and was harmless, then perhaps you shouldn't be scuttling around like it's some kind of huge loss? Maybe you should just be straight with her, and send her one final serious message, that you wonder why she's not replying, whether you've done anything to offend her. If she doesn't reply to you, then just leave it at that. You can't force her to like you, and as I say, if she gets cold feet over something as benign as that, then is it really worth it? Final thing, don't be a p**** any longer. Stand by what you say. If something doesn't work, fine, change tact, but don't be too anxious to pander to these uptight women.


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