How to break out of my shell?

I have an issue. I am really scared of making a fool out of myself, which prevents me from talking to people and even avoiding social situations. Kinda embarrassing, right? Lol. But I think I am just so afraid of people judging me that I don't let anyone see the real me. Does anyone else have this problem? What would you do to fix it? Thanks!

Oh and this problem makes it really hard for me to talk to guys. Any advice on showing them that I like them?


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  • Accept who you are. That's my philosophy.

    You'll find your confidence as you get older. In the mean time don't beat yourself up. Maybe you're an introvert. Or if you're shy... own it. Don't worry about it.

    Honestly you don't really need to talk to guys. They'll talk to you. If you want to show them you like them make eye contact. Pleasant tone. If they talk to you sound like you enjoy it, find ways of stretching the conversation (ask questions). Make it easy for them to be around you. Ask them a question to break the ice and things usually open up from there.

    If you want to push yourself just put yourself out there and don't hide in your room. Before you're self conscious remember we all are. Most people are quite nice. And if they're not.. good! They just made your job easier by letting you know they're not worth your time. Assholes are a blessing. Look at it that way. Make a fool of yourself. The person who still likes you and doesn't use it against you is the one you want. Makes things way easier. I do it a lot.

    • Wow thanks! I'll try this. :)

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  • you care too much of what others think of you. who cares what other people think live for you, say what you feel don't conform to "social norms" don't be an idiot either

  • i used to be pretty shy. But every time I let loose I found that people actually like me better. So I got over my shyness


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  • I'm the same. With new people I meet I'm very shy, and with my voluntary work placement for my course I'm extremely shy aswell.


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