Strategic point - help me to play it right this time?

Lately I was feeling really hopeless about the situation with my ex. It's been 3 months since the break up and although he's been expressing still having feelings for me he had clearly defined reasons for not coming back. I shared the whole story at my last post.

And now... I feel he has never doubted his decision that much! I'm so afraid to raise my hope again but there are signals I just can't ignore. I went no contact after our last conversation last week that he stopped. After few days of silence he wrote me a message saying I shouldn't be surprised if I see him somewhere next weekend cause he's coming to my town. I got a little angry by the tone of this message as I expected him to propose a meeting directly. Last time he came in July he did the same - let me know that he is here, refused a meeting when I proposed it and proposed one on his own at the last moment. I didn't want it to be this way again so I decided not to propose a meeting. The next day he caught me online and we were chatting for hours. He told me that his indifference is just a pose, he is considering coming back each day and it's eating him up inside, there's no other girl like me and he's so jealous about my ex (the one before him)who keeps posting me on fb. I tried to play it cool and not to show too much excitement. Yesterday he posted a status on Facebook that he lost all the mobile phone numbers and he asked everybody to write their numbers in a message. I didn't thinking that he might take my number from his sister. In the evening he wrote me asking if he remembers my number correctly (obviously he did). We chatted again and he texted me at night "just to try out his new mobile and how does it feel to write me a good night text again".

Up to now I feel I handle it quite well as for me. Maybe I went too far a few times e.g. telling him that I had nothing physical with any other boy while being apart (he asked about it) or expressing some longing.

Anyway I feel like now or never. Please help me to play it right. Is there anything specific that I should say or do in that situation?


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  • No if you haven't talk ye just keep things going well and clear whatever needs to be cleared up


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