Have I still got a chance with gorgeous girl I really like?

I met this gorgeous girl two weeks ago and we were texting each other until I stupidly sent a cheesy text message to her. It was 'Those gorgeous eyes, incredible body, amazing smile...but that is enough about me, tell me how are you?'. I didn't get a reply that evening so I stupidly mate up a story that my mate sent it as a joke instead. I haven't heard back from her since, it's been a week. I sent another text saying 'Hey...how are you?good week?hope you haven't setting off any more fire alarms since I saw you last?! x'...she set off the fire alarm when I went back to her place the night I went, just trying to be flirty and fun. I knew they were having a party last night, it was advertised on Facebook and my mate has been invited by her flatmate, but so far not me. I couldn't had her as a friend on Facebook because I have been blocked for adding to many people at one time. Everyone on our course was invited as I saw it on the course Facebook page. She never replied to the text I sent her though the other night. I never went to the party last night since she didn't invite me herself I thought she didn't want me there, but now I am thinking maybe she expected me to be there anyway? Please help, I really like this girl I want to talk to her in person and see what's going on between us, ask her if we can start again. What do you think I should do? I am 22 she is 24. Any help would be much appreciated.We both do the same course at university, but she is in the year below me. We had a course night out and we met in one of the bars. We got on really well and I ended up back at her place, I didn't stay the night, but she was making all the moves, she kissed me first. I got her number and sent her a text the following evening, just asking how she was and we exchanged texts just talking about the night before, I mentioned we should meet up again soon. It was the next that my idiot of a mate sent that text. I would like to speak to her in person ask her if we can start again, tell her jokingly that I made a mess of the whole texting business and that I really like her and want her to give me another chance. What do you think?


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  • The first message was a little forward, the second was just sad. She clearly knew you did it and then tried to take it back which comes across as immature. If she hasn't answered your last 3 texts, it's time to give up.


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