Do guys ever realize what they lost and return back?

So I was dating this guy a month and a half ago. We had an amazing connection...i mean we would talk on the phone for 2 hours a night which is awkward for the both of us since we are both shy and quiet. We had literally everything in common was like he was the guy version of me. He told me on our first date he had gotten out of relationship 5 months ago, and that she left him because he was a homebody and etc. He said he was okay.

We started to get really close. He started asking about my parents and etc...going out often. He then calls me to tell me his parents want to meet me, and then says he's been thinking and thinks he is not ready for a relationship right now.

I was crushed, total shock being how close we were getting, and esp since he mentioned driving to see his parents. He says" its not you , you are the best, but all this talk about commitment got me thinking I amnot ready and I need to lay low for a while".

That was the last I heard from him. I sent him a card and he didn't reply which is not like him... will he ever come back to me? Because I miss him

the relationship was 4 years in total ( the one he got out of )


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What Guys Said 1

  • don't get your hopes up just in case, but yes it is possible. I say this because I was in a similar situation and I didn't realize how great this girl was for me until months later. she ignores me now though, maybe she is over me. but to answer your question, yes, he could someday realize how great you two can be but by then you could just be over him and not care about being together anymore.

    • how long did it take you to realize you screwed up?

    • Like 5 months

What Girls Said 1

  • If he is not ready then he is not ready. You did what you have to do.. Move on and don't get your hopes up. If he ever liked you or if he is ever ready, believe me he will be back.. Mean while keep living your life and accept the fact that he is not ready for a relationship regardless how much he likes you.


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