Why is my ex contacting me?

He told me that he loves me but doesn't want to be in a relationship right now. I stopped all contact. Now, he's been contacting me. He texted a couple of weeks ago to update me on his life. He called today, but I didn't answer. Why is he doing this? Does he miss me or just doesn't want me to move on?


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  • maybe he's changed his mind? How long ago did he tell you this?

    • He broke up with me in May. We still talked regularly and spent time together until a month ago when he informed me that he doesn't want a relationship with me...after spending months flirting with me like crazy and telling me he loves me. I stopped trying to talk to him at all a month ago. Now he's trying to talk.

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    • I just feel stuck. I don't want to lose him completely, but I don't want him to drag around my heart anymore. I'm wondering if he'll try to contact me again if don't respond this time...or if that will make him stop trying.

    • I'm in a similar situation...I suppose I would maybe wait a day to call him back. It would prob be better for a guy to answer this :( I would worry about seeming as if I'm playing games, but I would also not want to be too available

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