Guys, would you behave like this around your ex girlfriend?

So my ex and I broke up 6months ago but I think he still likes me. I still see him at work once a fortnight. I think he's trying to be nice to me. We always make eye contact when we pass by each other in the hall, sometimes he would greet me but I would just keep quiet. We still talk a little at work, he would try to find something to talk to me, nothing personal though. When we first broke up he knew I still likes him a lot cause I asked him out but he said no (after thinking for a week he said no). After that I hide my feelings from him. He still try to talk to me and tease me but I just act normal. He still stares when he thought I wasn't looking (my friends told me). He call my name sweetly at work (friends notice that too, though I don't think he's aware of his own attitude towards me). Call me crazy but I can still feels he likes me. He's the quiet type and like to keep his feelings hidden. It took him more than a year to ask me out. Does he seems like he want me back? Why do guys behave this way? I know each guy is different. Just wanna know your opinion.


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  • The real question should be since this guy is real with his feelings why do you hide yours. Do you think he will be more interested? That's so immature. If you communicate and stop games you may get somewhere. If you like him let him know.

    • If he likes me then why turn me down when I asked him out before? I hide my feelings cause I don't want him to use it against me.

    • Yeah I know people play games but you don't really win in the end by doing this. People play the games to get their way or try and change someone. I haven't found that it works well so I avoid it. I find that playing the games just lead to resentment. Be who you are, let him know the truth and get over him if he's an immature prick.

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