Ex tried to warn him off . . .:(

Me and my ex was together a year amazing relationship we split and it was nasty, two weeks later he already has himself a new girl feels the need to tell me how amazing she is that there trying for a baby etc, I have a new make friend not boyfriend make friend and I got him to text my ex to tell him to leave me come my ex decide Novell him all terrible things about me telling my new boy mate I sleep around etc really bad things like he was trying to put him off my ex was sending him like ten page texts . He has a new girlfriend that he says he is so happy with and she has met all the family etc,and I really like this new lad so I don't know why he would he do that?

Sorry meant to put male friend


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  • Because he hates you?

    Because the break up left him with hurt feelings, and he wants to hurt you?


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