Getting back with my ex?

I thought I was over him; but I keep having dreams about him! I keep dreaming us getting back together, and they seem so real! When I wake up it makes me sad because we never actually got back together. I don't understand, I'm pretty well over him and have moved on with my life..


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  • Dreaming about him doesn't mean you miss him or want him as you said you have moved on. There is just unfinished business that you may or may not realize you have with him. I also had lots of dreams of my ex, us just hanging out, even hanging out with his new girlfriend at the time. We were friends at the time, but over time I realized there were things about how we ended that I didn't get over yet. So I basically let him have it about how I felt one day and honestly the dreams stopped completely.

    Is there something you feel like you need to say to him? Or hurt you are still holding on too? Once you release that the dreams should stop.

    • We stopped talking completely. I did try getting him to talk three weeks after we broke up, but he didn't want to. I guess sometimes I just want to know how he's doing. If he's okay...if he's safe. Sounds weird but it's true. He's gone away for school now, and I don't talk to any of his friends. I deleted him from Facebook. And also, it really bothers me that he hasn't changed his profile picture. It was taken at my house, with my back is still in his profile picture!

    • That prob has a lot to do with these dreams then. You prob just never got that closure that you needed and that pic is reminding you of your time with him... Just send him message on fb keep it very casual maybeeven a funny one and add I know its been awhile but just checking to see how you are.. and see if he says anything back. That is weird that he still has the pic up. I had a pic of a sunset when me and my most current ex went to florida this May and I even replaced that after we broke up..

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  • Just pick up the phone... and call him, even if its been 5 years since the breakup. Ull feel better.

    • I don't even know what I'd say to him. I deleted him from Facebook, and I've thought about sending him a message. But I really don't think he'd respond. A few weeks after we broke up, I sent him a message trying to talk to him but he didn't want to.

    • Well how long has it been since the break up? If you send him a message and he doesn't respond at least you won't have that " what if?" In your head, You know?

      Just Call don't even text, call like 2 or 3 times, not right after the other, like mabe once at 10 AM and if he doesn't answer then again around mabe 3 pm and if he doesn't answer , then the last 1 at like 7 pm just after dinner. Then mabe ill leave a text after the last 1 and say, hi this is blah blah, calling to see how you been or w.e you want to say

  • how long ago was the break up? Are you with someone else?


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  • I am in the same boat as you. I'm doing everything I can to move on and not be in his life anymore or ever. Yet, I have dreams of us getting back together or dreams of us together. What we think about during the day, we dream about at night. I guess I think about him too much and/or I still have thoughts of getting back with him. I've come to accept that I will feel heartbroken and have these dreams for awhile, but I know deep down that we can never be so I will move on and one day, I won't think about him anymore and dream about him anymore.

    • You too, get over it and call him.

    • Yeah, calling him will not work. It doesn't want to be in a relationship right now...per our conversation just 4 days ago.

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