How can I get over my ex? He got my sister prego during our relationship.

Me and my ex had just hooked up for like two months and one day I went somewhere and I guess they had sex. so a week later he came and told me that they had sex . then three weeks after that my sister said she was prego but not by him by some other guy. so this happened ever since 2007 so I went on with the relationship until 2009 . now in 2011 the guy who she thought was the baby father isn't so the only person left is my ex. so every time when I hear people talk about he could be the father I get really emotionally and all I wanna do is cry. this has made me over the years start to not like my sister . I really need some advice of how to get over this . because its really causeing me problems in my current relationship because he thinks I still like my ex .and I don't I'm just mad because what they did was wrong and because I keep going with the relationship. someone please help.


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  • First let me say you are an amazing person for keeping it together, I could not! It is understandable to begin to feel hatred towards your sister you were betrayed by 2 people that you loved and who should never hurt you. You need to explain that to your current partner!

    Honestly in my opinion there's not allot you can do in terms of real action - you can tell all those involved not to speak of your ex, and that you don't want to hear etc to keep it off your mind. But my advise is to start a journal (I do one online after sh*t went down with my ex I needed an outlet, an outlet that would just listen and not get sick of the same stuff) it really does help! Focus more on what YOU want! work towards getting that it will make you happy and keep your mind off it.

    Basically F*** your ex F*** your sister do what's best for you, when it comes down to it they didn't give a f*** about your feelings when they slept together - yeah the chances of her getting pregnant were really slim but it happened.. you were the bigger person and forgave both of them so don't forget that!

    I know there's not a lot of help coming from me here but I know everyone who reads this will be on your side!

    • I really needed that but I'm still in shock that he could be the dad and I was the one that really wanted a child by this guy. she doesn't even want kids . it hurts man my boyfriend tells me to just except it because its life I can't right now, I just cant

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  • go explode on year sister thts the best way to get over it call her everythng frm a bitch to a whore accuse her for everything bt remember tht you would break her heart while you fix yrs


    u can simply go to year best mate or some1 you dnt even know but seems to be some1 who would listen and talk bout it for as long as year tongue can and then keep year head on thr shoulder and cry till year tears run dry this way you hurt yrslf a bit bt the problem would be solved


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  • You really stayed with a guy for two years after he messed around with your SISTER? I feel for you. Stuff like this happens to us sometimes where we feel someone made a mistake and we should forgive them. However it usually never works out. I know this is hard to hear but don't dislike your sister, forgive her. My suggestion is you talk to her about how you felt when the whole thing happened. She might have remorse that she allowed this guy to charm her out her pants. Second, don't waste another minute, thinking about this guy, He is not worth your affection. The same thing happened to me but it was with my cousin instead. This weak-a$$ man had the nerve to blame me LOL. My advice is don't get mad, get someone better and ignore the jerk. Concentrate on mending your relationship with your sister. Good luck. And another thing, if a guy ever do something like this to you again even if it is with a woman you don't know...Leave him. What I learned over the years is that men will never put up with the same things they want us to put up with. Its time for women to know they are worth more. :D

    • by the way you should thank God he didn't get you pregnant because any guy who could do something that sleazy is a dead bead anyway

    • Everyday I try to get the guts to go step to my sister and let her know how I feel but it's like she's this person that has this idc who I hurt what's done is done attitude like she always right. I'm completely done with that guy. I now have me a good man who I have now been with for two and a half years now. I just thankful that me and my ex didn't have any kids togeather I would of just lost my mind. But in these stutions you learn and I learned not to trust any females around my man.

    • @ "not to trust any females around my man" - As long as you remember that its not only the female but the man as well that chooses to be stupid. But other wise good for you

  • My boyfriend got a girl pregnant (some girl) and I never felt more fu... Up, I wanted to die and I just want my boyfriend back no matter what but I Knew that wanting him was wrong. I decided to be friends with him even though he is now leaving with the girl and I think that I was strong but took me by storm...I think that you are my hero...I don't know what advise to give but I think the more you think that you are the better person in this story the better and keep working on being the better one...Ur especial really


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