Is he playing a game or should I give him a second chance?

I met this guy at a bar this weekend, usually I don't give those kind of guys a chance but he seemed like a really nice guy and we ended up sharing a short kiss or two. Anyway, he got my number and has has been very persistent about wanting to meet up. I'm definitely not looking for a hookup so I actually told him if he was looking for one that it wasn't going to happen because that's not my style. He said he wasn't looking for that and just wanted to get to know me. Anyways, so finally I agreed to meet up with him today for coffee. Well, 30 min before we were supposed to meet, he text me saying he was running late because of some errands and asked how long I was available today. I told him I had things to do (true) and asked when he would be done. He asked if I wanted to reschedule and that he didn't know when he'd be done. He also said he was delayed because of things that were "out of his control." What the heck does that mean?! I just said we could take a rain check. Well, he gave me his schedule for thurs-sat. I said I would let him know. He did apologize for what happened and I made some flirty jokey response about him not letting it happen again. He said "yes ma'am" with a wink and I didn't respond again.

So the question is, is he playing a game? Or could something of actually happen. Should I give this guy a second chance or write him off completely?

Well, I didn't text him after Tuesday. I thought he might text me to see what was up if he was truly interested but I haven't heard from him and it's now Friday night. Should I drop it all together or just send a text tomorrow asking how he is? I know I said I would let him know about my schedule and I kind of never did...


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  • ( for some reason my comments is not working) so I have to reply here: that was my true belief on this guy the out of control/girlfriend/wife kids I just didn't want to blast on this guy that I didn't know that not my style. But if were thinking the same thing here then that could be it. But I like to keep it positive, so we could both be wrong .We have to consider if he was married or any of the above what would he be doing at the club ,being that most married people are restricted from that kinds place . Left me know what you decide

  • I want to say give him another chance, but being that I'm a guy, I'm trying to think what could have possibly came up that he couldn't make it, especially because he was the one persisting to meet up with you,he should have made it priority to be there. Unless his some kind of business related kind guy, and his work has him running around then I'm not sure sounds weird. Wait for him to contact you. I'm also thinking maybe the whole thing about you saying your not looking for a hooker might have steered him away. But I don't know the guy so That's up to you to decide if you want to give him a second shot...

    • Yeah, it was supposed to be his day off so he shouldn't have been out "running errands" if he was so interested in meeting up with me. "Out of his control" could easily refer to a girlfriend, kid or wife - maybe I just don't trust people very much. I haven't been texting him a lot or anything, he's the one that initiates and he always responds immediately even if it has taken me hours to reply. I would have thought he would stop texting after I said I wasn't a hookup if that was what he wanted. idk

    • hi again guess what here I am given you advice right ,and the same thing just now happened to me ,w this girl that has been anticipating to meet up w me. went to pick her up and says something just came up and she couldn't hang outso I'm kinda bummed out cause I took the time to get ready and go around my schedule just to get there and that happens so now were in the same boat I don't know if I should give her another chance?

    • Heya, sorry to hear about what happened... how long have you known her? Did she say anything about rescheduling? If she didn't say anything about rescheduling but you really like her, I would hold out for a few days and then just send her a text asking how she is... if you hear back and she still seems interested, give her the second chance. However, if you don't know her well and haven't heard back from her then maybe you should just leave it at that. I hope it all works out!

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