What is going on with his ex?

My boyfriend says he hates his ex (she cheated on him), and would never be in a relationship with her again. But then when she emails him, he answers (back they work together) and they exchange songs and he sends smiles.

He keeps saying he would never leave me in a million years for her, but there was a time they were friends.


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  • My boyfriend did the exact same thing, said he wanted nothing to do with his ex that she was an ex for a reason etc. I then found out that they were msging each other back and fourth and that they were also hanging out when I was at work. He would tell me he loved me and was happy, then go tell her he wanted her back and that he was NOT happy with me.

    I'd be careful, if he really did hate her he would have nothing to do with her, if he wants to be friends with her then he should have no reason not to be honest with you and tell you the situation behind the two of them. Him lying saying he hates her makes him look guilty of something else when he is telling you different.


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  • if he "hates" her he wouldn't be sending her smiley faces & sh*t. I'd keep my eye on that if I were you...could be a sneaky, manipulative skank, and he could totally be lying about the relationship he has with her to make you feel less threatened so you won't ask about the emails.

  • Keep and eye on him.

    I don't trust him by how you make him sound really.


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