Is this normal, I run from my ex?

every time I see him on campus. I go the other way. Or I just can't stand the sight of him. He was my first boyfriend and he dumped. He dumped me for no reason and just walked away like he never cared about me. I am still hurt. I just can't stand the fact I have to walk pass him or be in the same room with. Is this normal? How do I be able to at least walk pass him?


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  • yes its normal, first one always hurts the most then I guess we get used to it

    how can you over come well you would have to talk to yrslf on that one

    go sit in frnt of a mirror look in year eyes and explain it to yrslf tht you are the best(trust me you r,every1 is), and that this guy made the biggest mistake of his life by dumping yu for surely he would never find some1 like you who would cheerish and love him like you did ... and soon he would be crying over his mistake but by then it would be to late for him to have you back

    • I think he was...He looked really sad

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    • thank me when you are in the arms of the one who cheerishs you fifty years frm now

    • btw if you ever feel low again

      u can find me here or at Facebook

      i won't mind helping you out

      for hye who wudnt wanna be frnds with some1 like you and feel blessed

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