Should I tell her and burn my friend?

so recently I've been talking to a girl I knew a while back and we never talked at all but we were in the same classes since 5th grade to 7th and now I'm a sophomore but I've never really talked to her and we know each other. so she's been trying to get at my recently broken up friend (hes a guy) since like 3 days ago and today he said he will get with her just to hook up and sh*t but my friend is a cool gut and everything but when it comes to girls he is the biggest Dbag ever and I kinda want to tell the girl secretly to not get at him cause he's a Dbag even though we never talk. he only broke up with his ex 3 days ago and has called her a whore ,slut,bitch and other stuff so my friends is a huge Dbag but if I tell the girl there's a chance my friend might find out and we won't be friends anymore what should I do? I know this girls been used by her BFs and my friend probably gonna use her and I don't wanna know that she got hurt even though we were never friends but I just hate seeing girls get hurt


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  • i would tell your Dbag friend not to hook up with her and see if you can talk him out of it. if he's still gonna do it even after you told him not to, then tell the girl because that's not fair to her...unless all she wants to do is hook up too

    • hes gonna ask for nudes of her already and their getting like that now and they both wanna hook up but the girl has no idea what she's getting into and me and another have told him numerous time that the sh*t he does to girls is f***ed up but he still doesn't listen but as a guy friend he's pretty chill though

    • if she's gonna give him nudes already and they're not even in a committed relationship then she's just asking to get used. if she's a strong, confident, and has self respect then she won't give him nudes. but if she does give him nudes, then she's asking for it so let it happen

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