What does a boy on flirting/dating sites while in a relationship?

When I (24) met this boy (27) he had a girlfriend, he told me he liked me but he had a girlfriend... I actually liked him as well but did never tell him to stay out of trouble, just talked with hem sometimes and I discovered he was active @ dating sites... when I found out, I saw he was there "online" almost every day for months, while still being with his girlfriend. Now they just broke up last week and he told me he would like to see how things could go with us, if I was interested, I decided to give it a try so we went on a first date, which was nice. by the way he is still active on those flirting and dating sites as well...

What is wrong with this boy? why did he do that when he had a serious relationship with the ex-girlfriend? do you think he will keep on doing this? because I don´t really like to start anything with somebody who flirts/dates with other girls on the internet.. or would it be just some innocent thing? ...I can´t really confront him about it because he would now I have been checking this and don´t want to cause trouble

Did anyone do the same while in a relationship? I just would like to understand why because I would never consider doing this myself while having a boyfriend,... Thanks for your advice


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  • I don't know. It can be that he does not believe that this relationship will work out. Or he is just pretending to like his girlfriend and he is with her just to be with somebody. It also can be just that he feels good when he can talk to somebody and he is building his confidence. That he does no intend to go out with nobody else but his girlfriend. So he just talks on sites instead of playing online games or other mindless activity.

    If I was his girlfriend I would tell him that this will not be tolerated, not a bit. If he continues, that you be like weak cheating and I'll get angry. Because this can make man brake up with girlfriend in the first place and also because girl told him she does not want him to go there and he did. So he is addicted or just likes it more than his girlfriend. And that's bad!

    • Thank you for your answer

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  • Keeping his options open and playing the field so to speak. Just tell him if you guys want to go out he needs to cancel his profiles.

    • Yes, I will see how things go, if we really are getting something serious I will have to tell him I guess... well I noticed he did this for at least a year while being with his ex-girlfriend, maybe longer because I accidentally found out while being there myself, but he does not know... that?s why I checked every now and then...he was there A LOT

      Thank you for the answer!

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  • It's not encouraging I'll give you that, I think I wouldn't want much to do with someone like that because you know they will be constantly looking for back-ups or better options. It would make me feel insecure personally.

    If you really like him though just talk to him about it I guess, you might be able to make it work with him.


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