No contact with ex? Would allowing him to help be beneficial to our relationship?

we broke up and are have no contact. its been almost 3 weeks. I want to be back together. he knows this, but we both know space is the healthiest thing right now. the other day I ran in to him at a volunteer thing in the park and he asked for a ride home. I said sure and he drove my car. he told me my brakes were messed up and that I needed to get them fixed and if I wanted, he could help me.

so normally, I would have just said 'no' since we are not together and not having contact, but he always wanted to help me with things like this in the past, and I just either did it myself or had someone else help. it always bothered him and I think he kind of felt disrespected because of it. I'm debating on whether or not to ask for his help. what do you think? would it be beneficial if I want a relationship with him again in the future?


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  • If you want to be back together I think this is a healthy step. Space is a good thing but too much is like open water. Call him in a couple days and say you would really appreciate his help with the brakes. After he does it make sure you tell him again that you appreciate it and whenever he's ready you'd like to treat him to (insert favorite restaurant here). Make sure he knows there is no pressure to do it immediately. I'm answering this based on the assumption he believes you spent too much time together. Also as far as being disrespected, if you have gathered that it might be true but you should talk to him about it. For the most part it's true, it's human nature to feel good if you are needed and I know guys (especially ones that are actually handy) like to be utilized by their girlfriends.

    • so, I called him and asked him and I didn't put any pressure on him to do it anytime soon, but he said he would feel stressed out to sit in a brake place with me, but he would call and tell them what was wrong. then he told a mutual friend about it and said he didn't know why contacted him about it. this seems like a pretty bad sign and I'm surprised about it. would you suggest still asking for help in the future?

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  • do it

    for we men are not sane creatures and specially when it comes to girls

    if a woman keeps asking for help we would develop feelings for her and would eventually date her or in year case he would simply be with yu again

    • i like this answer. straight forward. would there be a good way to ask him without seeming like I'm trying too hard?

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    • no

      move on for he doesn't wants you anymore but is still cares for you as a frnd

    • Weird, it really seemed like he wanted you to ask for help. But now it's clear, move on. Sorry.

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  • deffinetly. he probably would end up fallin in love again if it went well.


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