Breaking up with ex, what is going through his mind?

long story kind of short : My Ex boyfriend, which I recently started seeing again, that I love and will always have deep feelings for has been doing things that are pushing me away from him.

everything was going good for the first 3 weeks, and then he started ditching me for his friends and weed, I felt like I was being pushed away, and wasn't his first priority. so I talked to him about it, and he had to talk to me also. told me he was sorry that we haven't been hanging out much, because he's been busy with stuff. like moving, friends, etc. and he told me that we would hangout this week. but once I told him how I was feeling about everything, everything shifted. I felt like I wanted to end things and not see him anymore, but I couldn't let Go, :( He said he felt guilty, we were both in tears, he even agreed that he was as idiot and that I deserve better, and that it was wrong for him to do that, which it was. but like we were talking and he was like I screw up all my relationships, I'm an idiot I should just be single for the rest of my life. I was like don't say that. and he said the things he does are wrong and he shouldn't be doing certain things, so I said like you're the only one who can change that. so if you think it's bad and wrong, you need to change things for yourself and for what you want me to see, if you want to be with me. I was like it's in your hands, you have to try for yourself. He said he had to be single for awhile, bit shift all of a sudden. it was like instead of fixing things with us, he's walking away from the problem. I don't get it , it's confusing to me. He wants to be with me so bad and wanted us to get back together months after our breakup, but now wants to be single. I was talking to him to make us work, and for us to communicate, I don't understand this. He also said he wanted to still talk on the phone and text me, and hangout, but said he would be hard to hangout because he would want to kiss me and be with me. and said I was the only one he wants to be with, and still does. It doesn't make sense to me at all. what do you think he's thinking or doing? why?

and at first it was mutual, it still is, I think we should both have time away and maybe just like see how things go.

but now like only being 3 days ago, I miss him :( I cry, I want him back eventually if I see changes, but I'm not sure what to do :(

lastnight, I don't think I should've texted him but I did. I sent him a heart, and hours later he said I'm sorry I really am, and I'm going to miss you alot. I said sorry for what? and I'm going to miss you too, and I never got an answer back.

I'm so confused, what do you think is going on? and what should I do? I love him so much :( he's the only one I want right now, it's so hard , frusterating & confusing :(
Breaking up with ex, what is going through his mind?
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