Why did ex call my brother?

my girlfriend broke up with me again because she stated their was a lack of intimacy and she found some stuff on my computer. Such as a conversation via I'm with another woman and a email I sent to another woman last year when we broke up before. But she doesn't say anything to me she calls my brother and tells him she's breaking up with me and left me a letter on my table with copies of the notes saying she deserves better and can do better than me and that I have a problem and need help. I guess I just don't understand why she called my brother and not tell me? Also I've tried to reach her but she ignores my calls and never answers my texts

and also its been almost 2 weeks and I still can't get ahold of her its like she just left the note and took off. We have broke up before over stuff but not gone this long without talking about things


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  • Because she's a coward and can't face you so she took off running. One of my friend's ex of 7 years wrote her an email that he wanted to break up. They were in a long distance, but he couldn't pick up the phone to call her to tell her. You would think that when you care about something, you would respect them enough to say it to their face, but no. Forget her. Don't reach out to her anymore. When she's ready to talk, she'll find out. But I hope that by then, it really wouldn't matter anymore.

  • I don't agree.. She's not a coward for leaving after finding emails & conversations, or whatever!

    Just give her space & if she wants to talk, then she'll contact you or answer your calls.. Don't be all in her shiz dude koz u'll just end up pushing her away even more so.. If that's possible?

    Maybe she told your brother to make you upset koz she was feeling hurt by what you did & what she found?

    Give her time, it'll be the best thing to do.. Goodluck! =)


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