Want ex boyfriend back?

i was dating my boyfriend for 11 months when he broke up with me, he didn't really give me a reason, he said it was because he doesn't want to have to deal with all the crying etc (I cried alot, because he made me upset) but he was good to me!

anyway, yeah he broke up with me 2 weeks ago, the first week I was devistated and went completley the wrong way about getting him back, I sent him love sick messages all the time, phoned him up crying, begging for him back. but I've stopped, I've deleted his number just so this doesn't happen, and he's been texting me, being cute, and sending goodnight texts. I reply to them ofcourse. but he's told me 'he doesn't want to say he doesn't know if he wants to go back out with me and keep me balancing on a knife edge, and that if he wakes up one day and realizes he needs me he'll let me know'

what should I do? all I want is him back?

please don't say you don't need him etc, I do.

many thanks x


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  • You can't trust your feelings... that's ultimately the problem here.

    You seem to think that how you FEEL is what's important... like a drug user thinks they NEED another hit.

    Your feelings are bullsh*t. They don't matter. They're not logical. They can't be trusted.

    How do I know?

    Because any girl who cares about herself will NOT be trying to get with a guy who doesn't want to be with her. You're choosing constant rejection based entirely on your FEELINGS.

    Feelings don't matter.

    Don't chase some dude like this... each time he pushes you away you'll feel worse and worse, and you're slowly start to resent him and yourself. This is self abuse and silly.

    Instead accept how you feel without putting any MEANING on it.

    Just feel bad like the rest of us who get dumped. Feel bad. Feel sh*tty. And accept it. Don't waste your time thinking your ex-boyfriend will fix how you feel.. you were crying when you were with him so how is this any different?

    Basically it's not about him, or being with him... it's about you and any crushing insecurities you have about who you are, about being alone, about all your feelings, etc.

    Take this time to figure your sh*t out instead of distracting yourself from the realities of life by chasing some silly boy who doesn't even want you.

    Besides... there's nothing that cures a case of the blues like meeting someone new worth getting to know. :)

    I hope you feel better spoon,

    ~ Robby

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  • it means when he wakes up and realizes that he needs you he'll let you know


    he doesn't need you now, so why be on point and respond every time he texts you...

    at this point you want someone who will NEED you NOW, not later when they realize what they had after they lost it...maybe you two will work out in the future but for now, you need to work on yourself. ask why you were always upset and crying even tho he was good to you, work on yoruself as an individual and become independant...youre under 18, you have college ahead of you and your entire life - you have no idea if you're going away for college, or if he is, or if you'll end up moving...its life, you're way too young to be worried about this kind of crap now

    stop being so available every time he wants to talk to you...ignore some of the texts, it will give you more power and help you realize what you truly want...staying connected will just bring you down, esp the way he said it "and that if he wakes up one day and realizes he needs me he'll let me know'"...key word sweetheart in that sentance is "IF"


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  • So basically what he's saying is that you wants to you to wait for him and maybe he will turn around. Are you willing to waste your teens and maybe even your 20s for some guy who you may not even end up with? You're young and have plenty of time to date and find other great people. Why are you willing to settle for less when you can have mre?


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