Would you speak to them (ex) again if they did this?

Have you ever had that ex where you saw them and walked right passed without even speaking. I am in that situation. My ex dumped me for no reason and blamed me for everything. I walk straight pass him. He told me to leave him alone and go into my life. And when I see him looks like he wanna say something or he stares when I walk straight pass him.

Have you ever ignored an ex like this? You think I am right?


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  • He regrets his action but does not know what to do. You can get back with him, but he seems too immature for a proper relationship.

    • how would I know he regrets what he did and he shows no care or actions? do you think would ever say something?

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    • He is going on 27 in December. When do men ever mature? I am 3 years younger. I really don't want any revenge. I really justw ant he to own up for what he did. He walked all over my heart and ran back over with a SUV.

      I hope he does feels salty for how he treated me. Do you think because I am ignoring him. He feels bad?

    • Some men mature at 12 and some never mature (same is true for women as well). It was unfortunate that you did not have the knowledge that you have now and gave your heart to an immature guy. It is possible that he even does not know how bad you feel. It is not your responsiblity to teach him how to behave. Treat this as a learning experience about people and try to move on.

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  • The best revenge is to show him that with or without him, your life is moving forward and you're happy. If you run into him again, don't just ignore, but say a hi with a smile and then walk on. That really shows him that you're not afraid to face him, but you don't have anything more to say to him.

  • One word: Revenge! I think it's kind of bitter and sweet at the same time.

  • oh yeah my daughter is dealing with one of these type martyrs right now. if you asked him if he had something to say I guarantee he'd say "why what do you mean?" and he'd play it off like he isn't staring at you at all.

    lol boys!


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