Giving an ex an explanation?

about not sleeping with him. Allow me to explain: he is a close friend, and still is. There was a few weeks where we were pretty much dating, though it was never official. He's tried to have sex with me several times, before and during this "dating period." When I asked him what was going on between us, it was clear we had different intentions, so we stopped and resumed being friends.

I have a sneaking suspicion that he backed off because I didn't engage in more sexual activity; but I was a virgin, we weren't official, and he had a friends with benefits in the recent past, which I had no desire to emulate. I feel like talking to him about why I didn't sleep with him even though I wanted to, not to get him back, but because, I don't know, looking back I feel like I could be construed as a tease.

Is this a terrible idea?


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  • If he knows you are a virgin, then you most probably won't be "construed as a tease". However, if you still want to talk to him about it, then you should.

    The problem is not what he feels about it. The problem is what you feel about it. If it will make you feel better to talk to him, go ahead.

    • I don't know if he knows I was/am a virgin. To be honest, I'm scared of his reaction; I really don't want him signaling he wants me again when I've finally moved on.

    • Then if you talk to him, make sure you clearly say that you have moved on.

  • Yes. Yes it's a terrible and stupid idea. It is a really terrible really stupid idea. Did I mention it was stupid? Let it be; why complicate sh*t, no means no and that's all.


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