He realizes he doesn't want a relationship but doesn't want to lose me.

my ex broke up with me, he still feels for me he said.but he realizes he doesn't want a relationship but doesn't want to loose, but knows its not fear to me and worries about me.

he misses his freedom [not being able to go have sex and kiss other girls he's not interested in that] I mean his work hours increased and he never got to see his friends or go surfing or catch up with me as much.

few days after he broke up with me. he came into my work, and then he sent me this

" its going to be really hard to get over u, I am really sorry and you are an amazing person I never deserved you , I know realize how much of a an a**hole I was, I have never felt this depressed .

its been a week since then how can I get him back?


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  • Don't you think breaking up is quite an extreme reaction just because his work hours increased? If he wanted to see his friends more or do more of the things he enjoyed, why didn't he discuss that with you first instead of ending the relationship? Wouldn't you have been willing to see him a little less if it meant that he could enjoy his life the way he wants to? But instead of giving you that option, he dumped you. If I were in your situation, I wouldn't be trying to get him back; I would move on.

    • I second that, that just does not make any sense. If he truly believed you were amazing he would not have dumped you. I think he's making an excuse, but you're probably right he misses sleeping around with other girls.

    • nah I meant that's not the reason he is leaving me

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