Is this gonna break her heart?

When I was a freshmen the most beautiful girl liked me. She would pop up every wear and always smile and point at me. Well this went on for 2yrs. She got into a relationship twice with the same.guy but it lasted about 3 weeks a piece. I also was talking to a girl for a while but we still stared at each other .The last time was the beginning of the school year for her.I had sent her a Facebook request the summer time . And then sent her a birthday post the 2nd week of school.Then she got.a boyfriend and avoided me for 7weeks. I met someone else but she's single again and popping up everywhere staring at me.The whole school knows about this and its annoying I wanna move on


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  • of course it's going to hurt her, but you always come first. And it will take time to get over, but she will eventually

    • The thing is she's graduating this year she's a year older than me the new girls a year younger than me

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  • you should be really good friends , not Girlfriend or Boyfriend just friends(or maybe friends with benefits LOL)

    hey I have a golden rule : "Don't F***/go with/for your classmates"

    get chicks from other courses and forget about your classmates , they're just classmates.

    • I lost a lot of weight before high school and changed how I dress. Now I'm called a preetyboy.Considering I attend hschool and a joint school I could do that. But I can't bring myself to it I just wanna get rid of her and move on. Weird how before hschool I was sweet and emotional but hschool changes you

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