I ignored my ex the other day and then he texted me, why?

The other day I saw my ex, I had a lot on my mind. I said hi, smiled and went on my way. Then he messaged me asking me what was wrong and why I didn't talk to him. I told him that I had things on my mind, was in a hurry and I didn't mean anything by not talking.

When I saw him it wasn't bad and I didn't think that it was weird.

If he has moved on to another girl, why would he even care what I do?


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  • He used female psychology on you.

    • what does that mean?

    • Read my comment backwards.

    • I used female psychology on him?

      why would he card one way of the other if I ignored him if he has another girl?

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  • If only I would have done that when I ran into an ex last week. Instead I let him have a long conversation with me and gave him way to much time and attention than he deserved argh lol Anyway, back to you, you may not be together still but that doesn't mean he doesn't still care for you. If things ended cordially he will always have a soft spot for you even if he's with someone else.

    • Like I said I didn't mean to ignore him but was in a hurry. He still sends me nice and encouraging texts and buys me gifts (little things like candy bars and soda I like). I get that he wants to be friendly but don't get why he does that if he's seeing another girl. We've only been broken up a few months. If I was his new girl I would be pissed if I knew he did this for his ex.

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    • oh, don't be hard on yourself. next time you see him just keep to simple talk. if you find yourself oversharing...STOP!. Our exs don't deserve to know what is going on in our lives!

    • Well said! It's true they don't deserve to know anything, I''ve been avoiding him now and don't plan to talk to him at all!

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