Ever counted day since an ex moved out, guys?

This point was brought up in another question I asked and the whole point of this forum is to get advice and in my case not asking HIM. Guys have you ever counted the days since an ex moved out? And if so, why would you tell her in a text? Are you implying it's been the HAPPIEST 45 days of the past few months? Or was he maybe saying he misses me? Also, y send a text to your ex and then resending it 5 hours later. Were you unsure if she got the 1st one? Ugh! Breakups and texts from ex's are HORRIBLE!


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  • He wants your attention. The type of person he is determines if this is because he's full of himself and wants you always thinking of him or if he's a nice guy and trying to show you that he hasn't forgotten you. It's a stereotypical accepted behavior of men that we always forget the important dates. In this context he may be trying to remember this "important" date to show you he can.

    • Ok...but why would I want him to remember that day? That is a day that I am trying to forget! :( He was my best friend for 8.5 years and then...bam...it's over! :( I'm not real thrilled that he was counting the days since I left. Thanks for your input.

    • Nobody said it was a well thought out or intelligent lol. It's entirely possible he's doing it just to be an ass. I'm sure that it's a difficult thing to deal with and It sounds like he broke your heart. It might be a wise thing to just be an adult, ignore the texts, delete them, block them, whatever. You can either let him hold you in the past or you can let go and move on.

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