I want to gain my ex's trust back but she keeps thinking I want a relationship?

she says she doesn't trust me fully. I never cheated or was disloyal. we've been through a lot together and are still best friends. She won't have sex with me Because she says she isn't sexually attracted to me but then she asks me to walk around with my shirt off and stuff when we hang out. Shell say from time to time that she can't be with me Because she doesn't trust me. I understand trust isn't earned over night. it will take time and I'm def willing to put an effort fourth for her trust. I do love her and we have awesome times together. I think she may be taking me for granted and says things she may not truly mean. How can I get her to trust me but not only that for her to see what I truly mean to her. Do I distance myself? be less available? I want her to realize how much I mean to her. I feel like a doormat, kinda like I was with her. I felt shed be there no matter what I thought we were gonna get married. I just didn't see my mistakes of taking her for granted till it was too late. I do believe we still hang out for a reason and I do truly love her because we're so close. I've told her that I want anther chance but she doesn't right now and I understand why. why invest If your don't fully trust right? I just need to know what I can do to gain her trust and always end on a good note. I feel like some times we end when we leave Because she thinks I'm upset or being weird when really it's just that I look at her and wish I had another chance. It's been 2 years now and we've both seen other people. I'm beginning to not l only lose hope in us but me being with anyone. I need ways to rekindle our love/friendship and for her to see I'm willing to do anything for her :/.

please help

shell somehow bring up that we aren't gonna be together at least no time soon. or sometimes she'll get so mad to say never will it happen. but that only happens in the heat of the moment if we argue or something. I want to not come off as needy or clingy but I want her to know she means the world to me and I'd do anything for another chance! ugh fml


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  • So you're basically trying to friend your way back into a relationship with her? She sees it, which is why she's telling you these things. You already sound like you're being clingy/needy. :/

    • what can I do!? I keep trying to contact her, she got mad at me this morning because she thinks it's all I want. But I don't say it's what I want, I say the opposite. I want her trust back and I want her to se how important I am..she knows I am but I think she is taking Me for granted because I'm so available to her. what do I do!? :(

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    • thank you! wow you're right, I notce myself sometimes being too happy and excited around her. if I decide to keep our friendship I should be nice but be more laid back and not seem like I have any other motives. maybe then she'll remember what you truly meant to her! :/

    • Remember, she's an ex for a reason. You need to try to move on and stop pining over her. She sounds like she's also being too nice and inadvertently stringing you along. :/

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