How to make things right with ex?

after my ex and I broke up about a year ago we always stayed in contact...still going on dates and things like that. I think there was some sort of understanding that we needed time apart from our relationship and build our friendship/trust back up so that we could be in a relationship again. one of the times we were out I asked if he was seeing/hooking up with anyone, and he said no and that if he was then he wouldn't answer my calls/texts anymore.

one night he saw me out with a male friend of mine and he got really mad. I explained it wasn't anything but ever since then things between my ex and I have been totally different. he never calls or texts me anymore, and out of all the times I've texted him he's only replied once. when I called him he said he's been hooking up with other girls, but at the same time he also said its just sex and I'm the only girl he cares about and has ever cared about.

what should I do? I texted him last night inviting him to the beach today and I got no reply (were in florida). its the second time in a row and in a week that I've texted him and had no reply. what should I do? he doesn't believe me when I say that the night he saw me out I was with a FRIEND and that's all, and his guy friends are only making things worse encouraging him to think that it was more than that.

guys, girls, anyone, help here please? I still really care for my ex and it hurts so bad that things changed so fast and he won't believe me and I don't have a clue what to do at all.


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  • Talk to him and let him know how you feel


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