Boyfriend keeps his ex girlfriends letters and photos?

My boyfriend has a small box in which he keeps all his old love letters and cards and some photos etc in. Funny thing is he does not try to hide this... Its in the drawer in the bedroom and he has never tried to hide it, so I thought that was no reason to be suspicious as it is not hidden. So I thought that if it is not hidden I should take a look. So its the typical sort of thing and I decided to leave it. But recently I looked in the same box and the photo of his ex girlfriend which was not at the top the last time I looked, made me feel like that he had been looking at her and that he has been thinking about her, Our relationship is rather rocky at the moment as well so maybe that is not helping.

But I am wrong in thinking that he is thinking about her again and I get a really bad feeling about this one.. Suggestions please


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  • Are they letters and photos from just her, or others as well? Also, how recent of an ex? Personally, if it's a mixture of just random letters and photos I don't think it's a big deal, although if that were me I wouldn't store the box there as if to need easy access to it. They're letters from the past and so I need not constantly look over them (or ever really), especially if I'm dating someone at the moment, why reminisce? I can understand why it made you jealous to think he was being nostalgic over his ex, but that's kind of what you deserve for snooping and spying on that little box to see if there's been any change from the last time you checked it to suggest activity. You set yourself up for that one. Next time either a) don't snoop, or b) talk to him about it.


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  • youre not his wife, he can do whatever he wants


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  • he had it stored away, it wasn't laying out on the coffee table, there is no justifying snooping, if you don't trust him, you don't trust him, don't lie to yourself.


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