I think that cheating can be prevented if you are honest with each other to begin with. Does anyone else agree

There is always a reason why somebody would cheat on someone. My point is that you can avoid committing the physical act by approaching your boyfriend/girlfriend head on and just be honest. Does anyone else agree with this? I would rather have my girlfriend just air her dirty laundry with me and tell me what's on her mind and not cheat. I have been cheated on before and found out the worst way possible. Does anyone see my point? Is honesty valued anymore?


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  • I am always very upfront with new boyfriends, I let them know right away that cheating is a deal breaker and I would appreciate at least a phone call. I told them I can handle being told that it's gonna happen cause then at least I can go my own way, but I also let them know that if I find out any other way, there is no room for conversation after that.

    I have been lucky enough, that this has worked for me :) I can honestly say that I haven't had a cheating partner in over 7 years :) Although I was with one of them for 6 of those years :)

    • I don't think that anyone would cheat on a girl and expect them to forgive them lol. That's just stupid. I also understand what you say, if your gonna cheat on someone you should at least break up with the person before doing so.

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  • My friend trusted his girlfriend with every secret but cheated on her and was cheated on. I don't think honesty is a key.

  • There is no simple solution to stop all cheating. Sounds like you're just feeling a little hurt since it happened to you. Don't worry, not everyone will cheat.


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