Do I have another chance with him and how do I handle this?

So basically I need help... I like this guy Mike and at first we started talking in July and we talked for like 5 or 6 weeks like over the phone and stuff but we never hung out we use to talk a little last school year but that was it ... I started to really like this guy like it was crazy I couldn't stop thinking about him and that scarred me because I've been single for over a year and its been easy just to deal with myself and figure out who I am as a person and I never thought to get in a serious relationship because I'm a senior and I need to focus on my studies but there was something about mike that made me want to change everthing and that frightened me so I did what I knew how to do and that was to run. get away from him and not talk to him.. and for like a week it was hard I was upset and alll I wanted to do was talk to him but I wouldn't let myself do that so instead I did something stupid and dated the first guy that asked me out which was like a day or two later and me and him were not a good couple so after like 4 days I ended it with him and all I did was pout and realize that I did wrong so 2 days after the pouting and stuff I texted mike and we were texting and he asked what happened and I told him I was scared and then he said but then you dated someone else ? I realized I hurt him I told him I was really sorry and then I realized I wasn't thinking clearly and I need to think and figure out what to do so a couple of weeks went by and I thought a lot and I realized that I shouldn't have been scared and I made stupid discisions so I messaged him on Facebook one night and then we started to talk kinda like old timeswe wereflirting and stuff and it was great I asked if he had any girls and he said kinda sorta that left me heartbroken but I knew it was my fault but then a day later it bugged me so much that he was talking to girls so I asked him what his feelings were towards me and I know he has a girl or whatever but do you like me and his reply was that he doesn't know and he doesn't really have a girl and he doesn't like getting screwed.. that made me wonder do I still have a chance? was he just scared I might hurt him again ? we text every day and flirt.. most of the time the first to text. and I asked him if he wanted to hangout this weekend and he said maybe it depends on if he has things to do... I don't know if I have another chance with him and I was wondering what I should do ? how can I make this better? how do I know if he still likes me? what do I do in a situation like this?


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  • first you wrote a lot so you must really like him

    i think you give him a chance ask him out for coffee or a study date or etc see if he is interested


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