Moved on already after a month?

my ex and I were in a one year relationship. we loved each other a lot and held on for a good year, but were just incompatible people and fought a lot towards the end. we both became more distant towards each other.

anyway, it's not a month after our break up, in which I had a bit of trouble letting go. he moved house in with some friends. a few weeks back, I called him (in an emotional state) and he said at the time he was having a beer with one of his female housemates. today I saw on Facebook by chance that the female housemate on the same night pretty much at the same time I called, posted "i miss my spoon already xx", which means he's sleeping with her.

i called him up and asked if he's moved on already. and he said he pretty much has. that he's all cool now.

but I remembered he loved me so much. can someone seriously move on after just a month?


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  • Guys are different than women, and they tend to look for distraction when they get out of a serious relationship, and women are easily distracting to them so its the easiest thing for them to do to get their mind off of you. Yes, he might still think of you when he's alone, but it's kinda how they cope. I think men rebound into another relationship more than women do, without admitting or even realizing that they're rebounding.

    You'll also see as you get older that following divorce or being widowed, men are MUCH more likely to find a new girlfriend and/or remarry quickly. Men get more easily lonely than women do IMO. Most women (not all, but most) tend to be more cautious after a divorce, plus also have better social ties so that they aren't lost lonely souls on their own the way men are.


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  • Yea I can or he didn't really love you from the actually it might take a little longer than than a my guess is that he wasn't in love as much as he said he was or he wasn't in love at all

  • He'll think of you when he's alone, not when he's distracted. I doubt anyone who loved a person can honestly move on after a month. Then again it depends on the person and their lifestyle.


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  • Yes, I did.

    I loved my ex very much, but since he was a real jerk and since I did the best I can to work things out, I had nothing more to do but to move on.


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