Would it make things worse if I try to contact him or write him a letter?

I met this guy online. We moved really fast, talking for hours every night and texting. We had amazing chemistry. We were both impulsive. I told him about all my stuff, wanting to be as honest and not waste his time. He told me nothing I shared bothered him and that we seemed perfect for each other. I knew where he worked, and we were on Facebook together. I really felt like he was sincere, and honest (still do). We talked and felt like we were on the same page with everything, and the first time we met, it was amazing crazy chemistry and we ended up sleeping together, and I think in the mix of crazy chemistry said we were falling for each other. We slept together 2 nights in a row, then on the 3rd day he texted me that he was "freaking out" and needed time and space.

I feel like we did everything wrong. I told him too much too fast, slept with him right off, then scared him away, and when he needed time and space I did the dumb girl thing and texted him and I think I freaked him out more then pushed him away.

Several days later he took me off Facebook. I texted him, and his response was he was sorry, he didn't mean to hurt me and that was all he could say.

I really felt like we had so much in common, and such amazing chemistry in almost all areas, and feel that if we did things slower it would have worked.

Is there anything that I can do or say that won't seem like I am being desperate, but express to him that I didn't mean to throw all my stuff at him, and that we moved too fast and would he consider starting over? Also how long should I wait to do something like call or write him? Is there a chance he still has interest in me? and if I do write or call will it offend him even more?


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  • I think you moved too fast too soon. not sure if he ever will come back without knowing all the facts. But what I do know from my experiences is that you can't change a guys mind. On the positive note please understand that you may feel you were right for each other, but perhaps you were not and that is why he ran off. That was only your perception and not at all real! Learn from this and next time take it slow. Pick your self up and gather your selfrespect and dignity. Moving on may seem hard now but it will serve you right in the long run. I hope this helps..

    • Thank you. It really does.

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  • I think you should move on and forget about him. He doesn't sound like a good guy to me I think he is just using you for sex and made excuses so he can get away from you and not feeling guilty at all. I did the same the thing as you I met a guy online and had sex with him the day and rest of the weekend. The guy doesn't make any excuses like your guy and he even ask me out too.

  • I agree with the first two. (darlan and anonymous)

  • You need to let him go, there is nothing you can do. Who knows what he is thinking, was thinking. I have had similar experiences and the best thing to do is give up on flakes. That is what these men are. It is usually women who get called flakes but there are plenty of men out there too, they usually get called jerks but really they are flakes.


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