Ex has a new girlfriend, advice?

Me and my ex was together year its been two weeks since we split and he already has a new girlfriend, he kept rubbing her know face telling me how amazing she is etc how there apparently trying fora baby etc. He is part off this forum which he knows ill read and someone has asked a question about the best sex and he answered 'The best sex iv had is with my new girl filled with so much passion she's wild!' does this mean he loves her as I know passion is love? Its only been two weeks since me :(


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  • Tbh You need to find your self someone else and get over him. If you pretend he never existed then he will give up. He's just doing it to annoy you tbh He's being a jerk.

    What you need is a night with your girls and meet new boys and have a good time and forget about him, No boy is worth the pain unless you truly love them and they Love you and he tells you he Loves you everyday.


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