How would you feel if you saw an ex kissing/showing affection towards a new partner?

So my ex boyfriend saw me in the hallway kissingg my new boyfriend and just kind of glared and looked away. I thought it was funny Because he broke up with me like 8 months ago. Has anyone had the same experience? Do you think my ex is jealous? How would you feel?

I honestly don't care that much but I just think its weird after he broke up with me ya know


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  • I have had this same experience, and I was jealous for awhile because I was single, and she found a guy 2 days later, and he was a creep!

    So basically, I was jealous for a little while, mostly because we just broke up, and I still had feelings for her, but after a coulpe of weeks, I got used to it.

    • And you just don't care anymore?

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    • LMFAO! @ ya know!

    • haha yeeaahh

What Girls Said 1

  • i would be so sad

    • Really? Even after 8 months of being broken up?

    • even after 8 years

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