Guys how would you feel or think about this?

How would you feel or think about if an ex that you have been ignoring and treating her like a nobody for no reason text you Happy Birthday? Even though you have admitted to her you don't have a reason why you are acting the way you are before. Anyways she texts you Happy Birthday when you have not talked to her or seen her for close to 5 months. This is also an ex that has always respected you and she still does even though you ignore her and whatever. Honestly I'm just curious. I'm not looking for any slanted smart remarks I'm looking for honest feelings and thought that you might have even if its cross the mind thought. Thank You all who answer this question!


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  • Sounds like the ex is still into you or has feelings for you and wants to do things like wish you a happy birthday. They might think they know you better than you do and just be waiting around or it could be a staying in touch thing - distant ex styles.

    • Would it make you feel good to receive a text like that from an ex or would you laugh and or be irritated?

    • Mmm I guess it'd depend on my day.

      If I was lonely and missing them a bit - I could be OK with it... but I don't think I'd laugh.

      To be honest - if they're an ex... I'd probably be more irritated. It's just stirring up a pot that's been dry long ago. Maybe sometimes there's a chance for things but if it's just in a friends way - ex's don't usually make good friends and there's more pain than not (I think).

  • I think it would be weird. I don't think it's a good idea. If he's treating you poorly, why try to be nice?


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