I love him but am constantly being hurt, should I leave him?

I've been with my guy for 3 and a half years, I love him a lot and we've been through a lot. He has broken up with me before because of some dumb girl and lately she has been back in the picture. I never used to have major insecurities and jealousy until he broke up with me before Because of this other girl. But now I do. He still talks to her on Facebook chat and everything and even though he denies it, I know he talks to her all the time. which I really don't like but I know you can't tell someone they can't talk to someone, that's just ridiculous. but we keep running into her at concerts and at clubs and even though he says he's not gonna go outta his way to talk to her somehow he still does which he claim sits her to starts it which it probably is Because she is a really big home wrecking whore =P but it really hurts me seeing him talk to her, knowing she's there my anxiety kills me. I love him but I don't know if I can keep on handling this and her being there and him talking to her. he just doesn't get that it hurts me and I don't know what to do. I try so hard to make him happy but it doesn't feel he's willing to do the same. what should I do, I don't want to throw away a almost 4 year long relationship with a man I love but the trust is fading.


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  • Leave him, he's not worth your time.


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  • You are HURT.. CONSTANTLY!

    So why the f*** should you stay?

    Read it again! And again 'til you get this in your head!

    ...if you are ready to suffer "just for the sake of being with him" it means one thing:



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  • You should really look at the quality of your relationship rather than the quantity. Yes, you've been together a long time and have probably developed a bit of codependency. That isn't healthy. When a food gives you a stomach virus do you keep eating the same food? No! Find something that agrees with your stomach. Break out and see what a real good quality guy is like. Trust me, you'll be better off with someone who treats you better. It really is the difference between eating saltine crackers and fancy dining. (sorry the analogy is food related, I'm hungy >_<)


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