Ex contacting me again...he has a girlfriend!!

haven't spoken to my ex for about a week, he kept me hanging for no reason and lied to me about a lot of things etc I was just starting to get my head clear and start enjoy life again when..he decides to put a note through my door asking if he could take (our) dog for a walk some time in the week, then a bit later he texts me saying ' I know you've found someone else and I'm not bothered by that but I was wondering if you got my note I posted '

he now has a girlfriend so why can't he just bugger off!


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What Guys Said 1

  • Assuming this relationship broke off under "not good" terms, he's going to try to get under your skin. Just ignore it. Walk the dog if you want, or just let him keep the dog (if its not that big a deal for you). I'd say whoever bought the dog in the first place or whatever, should just take responsibility for it. Don't let him trip you up into making you feel you have to inconvenience yourself into doing things that aren't your responsibility. He'll probably try stupid things like this, so let him and ignore him. You move on and worry about yourself, and don't let him pull you down.


What Girls Said 1

  • He's just trying to get back at you, playing mind games. The "look what I have" game. People just do this because they are weak minded. She's most likely a rebound relationship anyway, we'll see how long that'll last.


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